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  • So’s Food – 下馆子
    • 在So‘s Food里,会记录我们去过的每一个餐厅,以及我们为什么喜欢这家餐厅又或者为什么不喜欢这家餐厅。
  • So’s Food – 家常菜做法
    • 我们平时也很喜欢在家里自己做些家常饭,所以也会更新很多家常菜的做法和技巧​,这些内容会写成小博客的模式,同样的和餐厅记录在So’s Food里
  • MiSo’s Gallery
    • 出去旅游的时候,相机是必不可少的好伙伴,我们会拍摄很多很多好看的照片,可能会有风景的-人物的-动物的-夜空的-美食的,等等

简单的介绍就到这里,我们的作品可能不会吸引到你的眼球,但是如果有那么一张照片或一个故事能够让你的内心体会到了我们的真诚,请尽可能的支持一下我们,你的支持可以是一段鼓励的留言,也可以是一点微薄的赞助,但,无论是什么 ,对我们都是最大的支持,因为,它会让我们知道这个无比广阔的空间里,有着支持我们前进的人

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Once you open up Mi & So’s website, we become one of lucky strangers in this world.

We are all living in normal life. We all love food and enjoy doing whatever we wish to do. But, we want something that we can remind ourselves about what we have been through when we turn to 40.

What you are going to see in Mi & So

  • So’s Food – restaurant
    • we love all kinds of food (I said that thousand times already). So, there will be all about restaurants we went to. We will tell you why we like it and why we don’t. And you decided whether you are going to try or not​​
  • So’s Food – homemade
    • we also love cooking all different types of food. So, we will teach you how to cook food with steps. The dishes will be from all over the world. We will try our best to bring the closest flavor ​to the one you taste in your hometown​ (if not, leave comments and teach us).
  • MiSo’s Gallery
    • traveling is also part of our life. ​We will post our photos inside it. It will be about everything, like food/landscape/car/natures/animals
  • Mi’s Apps
    • as a software engineer, ​I will post my own apps in here.

That is everything about us. Our art works may not attract your attentions. However, if there is one that you find from Mi & So, and it also makes you feel that this is the feeling you are looking for, please do give us some supports. It can be some message you left for us, it also can be some donations. We do not care what it is. As long as you do, we will know that there are some people in this world is supporting us and making us to progress to better.